ReHumans is a project that tells stories of men and women dedicated to transforming the business world into a more conscious and inspiring place.  

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Why ReHumans?

We are impacted daily by brands, advertisement and stimuli related to consumption of all kinds. Companies are part of our lives in a highly relevant way, but we rarely stop to reflect: What is the purpose of a business?


Businesses were born to meet people's needs. Numerous types of products have been created and eventually transformed human life: shoes, clothing, weapons, homes, furniture, food, electronics, among thousands of things.


The industrial revolution increased productivity and accelerated this process, boosting consumption and generating a surge in profits. This generated a lot of prosperity, but also a series of crises that are very present on the planet today: financial, environmental, social, political and relations.


In search of personal gains, a significant portion of professionals learned that the most important thing is to generate growth and profit in order to generate shareholder value without reflecting on the impacts of this obsession. The consequences are high rates of mental illness, addictions, rising suicide rates and even illegal activities such as deforestation of the rainforests. Our model of growth and development has become a collective problem.


It is time to Reinvent this. Time to Redefine what success means. Time to Renew the mindset for businesses. There is a growing movement of leaders who are creating new successful & sustainable models for businesses. They care about creating sustainable products, relationships and actions while being profitable. They are Regenerative leaders, looking for reinvention.


ReHumans are an emergent group of men and women who are dedicating their lives to show that it is possible to generate good economic results while benefiting the world at the same time. It is time for a Revolution.


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