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Stories of men and women dedicated to transforming the business world


ReHumans is a project that tells stories of men and women dedicated to transforming the business world into a more conscious and inspiring place.  

Get to know their exciting journeys and get inspired by them.

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Photo by Fabio Pinheiro

Humanos de Negócios

Why ReHumans?

What are companies? Why were they created?

Why do they still exist?

We are impacted daily by brands, advertisement and stimuli related to consumption of all kinds. Companies are part of our lives in a highly relevant way, but we rarely stop to reflect: What is the purpose of a business?


Businesses were born to meet people's needs. Numerous types of products have been created and eventually transformed human life: shoes, clothing, weapons, homes, furniture, food, electronics, among thousands of things.


The industrial revolution increased productivity and accelerated this process, boosting consumption and generating a surge in profits. This generated a lot of prosperity, but also a series of crises that are very present on the planet today: financial, environmental, social, political and relations.


In search of personal gains, a significant portion of professionals learned that the most important thing is to generate growth and profit in order to generate shareholder value without reflecting on the impacts of this obsession. The consequences are high rates of mental illness, addictions, rising suicide rates and even illegal activities such as deforestation of the rainforests. Our model of growth and development has become a collective problem.


It is time to Reinvent this. Time to Redefine what success means. Time to Renew the mindset for businesses. There is a growing movement of leaders who are creating new successful & sustainable models for businesses. They care about creating sustainable products, relationships and actions while being profitable. They are Regenerative leaders, looking for reinvention.


ReHumans are an emergent group of men and women who are dedicating their lives to show that it is possible to generate good economic results while benefiting the world at the same time. It is time for a Revolution.

Precisamos de novas referências de lideranças em todos os tipos de organizações para nos ajudar a resgatar o espírito original de fazer negócios

O que são empresas?

Ana Lucia Villela

At the age of eight, her parents were victims of an airplane crash. Over night, he inherited the largest Brazilian bank. This was the beginning of her journey that later resulted  in the Institute Alana for social inclusion and combat to consumerism.

Charles Eisenstein

A radical thinker, Eisenstein believes the time has come to change our view of the world. The normal thing was: we have to do things differently, or we will intensify all the crises we are going through. He believes his role is to influence the system from the outside to the inside.

Chris Anderson

Chris sold his business at the height of the internet bubble and invested in his passion: he bought TED to expand the reach of the event and make it one of the most influential ecosystems of ideas relevant to the world.

Meet the ReHumans

Jayme Garfinkel

Heir to one of the largest insurers in Brazil, Jayme decided to put his energy to face one of the greatest evils of modernity: the subhuman conditions of prisons.

Marko Brajovic

When arriving in São Paulo, the Croatian architect Marko Brajovic, discovered that the city was a monster, with all its beauty and ugliness. He made his basis in the largest Brazilian metropolis and found a place at Paraty, in Atlantic Forest, to inspire his contemporary architecture.

Joan Melé

Can a bank be ethical? Joan believed so when he founded Triodos Bank in Spain. During the Spanish crisis in the 1990s, it boosted the bank's growth by giving less interest-bearing loans when all banks had closed the credit lines.


Nilima Bhat

A very successful corporate executive, one day Nilima Bhat saw everything fall apart in his personal life and she couldn't find a sense of purpose anymore. She fought her husband's cancer and then she founded Shakti Leadership initiative, a journey to bring feminine energy to the business environment around the world.


Raj Sisodia

One day, Sisodia started to explore how companies were profiting with the passion involved in the business practices. That led him to write the book Conscious Capitalism and start a movement attracting companies and people that are reinventing the way business is done around the world.

Safia Minney

A pioneer in fair trade, Safia founded the People Tree, one of the first sustainable clothing brands in the world in the early 1990s. With the growth of the company, Safia has become a reference voice in the improvement of working conditions in the textile industry around the world.

Os entrevistados

Ernesto Van Peborgh

"I was a predator." Argentinean Ernesto Van Peborgh realized that his life as an investor was helping to generate concentration of income and destruction in the environment. Then one day he was lucky enough to sit in front of a Nobel laureate named Elinor Nostrom. His life has turned into a search for the optimization of shared resources, including intellectuals.

Fabio Barbosa

A pioneer in the practice of sustainability in large companies, Fabio Barbosa was recognized by the UN, Financial Times, among others, for leading the ethical transformation of financial markets and bringing ethics to the daily operations of a big bank.

Guilherme Leal

Inspired by the strength of the Brazilian Amazon jungle, Leal created Natura, a unique global business. The cosmetics company is a global role model for creating sustainable income opportunities by balancing the relationship between humans and the forest.


Thank you!


About the project

Mini bio Rodrigo V Cunha

Rodrigo V Cunha studies contemporary movements of humankind to interpret and share stories in different forms: lectures, texts, presentations, articles and conversations. Rodrigo is CEO of ProfilePR, a public relations agency that tells inspiring stories for brands like Anima Education, NovoNordisk, ThoughtWorks, CBMM, Natura, TED, UN Foundation, and Yale, among others.


Rodrigo is also TED's former ambassador for Latin America, partner of LiveAD digital agency and curator for LiveTalks. As a volunteer he organizes awareness-raising retreats with leaders from various countries and is currently writing the book ReHumans, which will tell stories of leaders who transform the way they do business based on positive values, dreams and passion.


He wrote the book “How to make a business work in an uncertain country”, chosen by Exame magazine as one of the 10 best books in the world in 2004. He also developed the platform +SocialGood, for the United Nations Foundation, is member of NELIS, a global network of leaders for sustainability and a founding member of AGORA! Movement, which aims to update the way politics is done in Brazil. He is 42 years old, married, has three children and has surfed around the planet since 12 years old.

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